Mism‎a‎nagement, incompetence killed Ni‎geria Airw

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The federal government, Tuesday, blamed mismanagement and incompetence of those with little knowledge of the aviation industry for the collapse of the national carrier, the Nigeria Airways.

Speaking at the occasion of the 7th Aviation Workers ‘Week in Abuja, Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Aviation, Engineer Hassan Musa described Nigeria Airways as one of the 「positive legacies」 of colonial imperialists which if well managed, would have remained a major contributor to the nation’s economy today.

The week which also attracted major aviation stakeholders in the private sectors had as its theme, 「Contributions of the national carrier to the socio-economic development of Nigeria,」 has held annually in the past seven years.

In his keynote address, the permanent secretary pledged the commitment of the government to bring back the glorious days of yore when the Nigeria Airways was the preferred choice of Nigerians in the middle and upper classes of the social ladder.

He said, 「You will agree with me that right from the inception of Nigeria’s nationhood, our founding fathers had resolved to sustain some positive legacies of our departing colonialists among which was the existence of a national carrier.

「Sadly, while it was expected that the then national carrier would serve as a cash cow among other revenue generation sources for the nation, brazen degree of mismanagement, incompetence, nepotistic tendencies and old-fashioned system of aviation business crept into the operations of the airline.

「The end result of all these noxious factors is well documented for posterity. It’s indeed a very sad chapter in Nigeria’s chequered history.


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